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Thread: Monument Valley Utah

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    Monument Valley Utah

    Has anyone went on a Scenic Drive Tour of Monument Valley in Utah

    Are there any timeshares - hotels/motels or restaurants nearby

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    I took a tour while I was at FF Flagstaff and it was really neat. I think Goldings lodge is the only one near there but that's been years ago!! shaggy

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    I just stayed at FF Flagstaff last week and one of our day trips was to Monument Valley, it was a longer than most of our day trips, but worth it. This Utah girl hadnt been there. The day trips available from Flagstaff are endless and Fairfield is a good place to stay.

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    Any good motels or lodges to stay at close to Monument Valley?

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    Monument Valley is a day trip. There were some hotels in a town nearby but I cant remember the town. If you were on your way to somewhere else for example: spent some time in Flagstaff, then went to Monument Valley and then on to the four corner's region, or over to Moab. That would be a good trip.

    I dont know of any timeshares that will get you much closer than Flagstaff. When we go to Flagstaff again, I will see some things over again, like Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon and the Grand Canyon, but I will also incorporate some day trips into Colorado or spend more time in Bryce. I will also take my tent with me. Im not much on tenting but sometimes thats the way to really see some areas.

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    How would the first of April be for a trip?

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    Heres a chart:

    Never went to MV.
    Have been to Canyon and had snow in the shadows in late April. Very blustury.
    Have been again and on up to Page, Zion and Bryce in beginning of Sept. Twas very pleasant.
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