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Thread: Outer Banks seems to be doing fine in spite of virus

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    Outer Banks seems to be doing fine in spite of virus

    We are enjoying our timeshare week on the beach on North Carolina's Outer Banks this week, and things seem not to be too badly changed by the virus problem. Tourism is booming and it is reported that last week saw twice as many visitors on the OBX as the same week last year. Restaurants are open as are almost all businesses. There are quite a few "help wanted" signs out. There seem to be more people out on the beach itself than in past years. The governor's mask requirement when people are in a store or business seems to be enforced here, unlike in many nearby counties where sheriffs have announced they are not enforcing it. People seem to be generally trying to social distance.

    There is no sign whatsoever of the BLM / ANTIFA protests, although we had an interesting discussion among timesharers on the beachfront deck Monday evening about the pulling down of monuments, and everyone in the discussion, representing folks from NC, VA, NJ, PA, and OH, thought what was happening to historical monuments was absolutely dreadful and needed to stop.
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