Oct. 19 - 26, 2019
Sunset Plaza
Puerto Vallarta

Arrived to Sunset Plaza where check in was simple, as was valet. There was some pressure for a presentation but nothing harsh. They did offer a 5 minute welcome shoulder and neck massage along with a welcome drink. Nice touches.
The lobby is nice, well kept and comfortable. There is a lounge right off the lobby.

We had room 514, easy access from the elevator. The room was a one bedroom with one bathroom with a Jacuzzi. The bathroom housed the toilet in a doored area, the vanity sink area and Jacuzzi and then a doored off shower area. There were folding shutters or doors to close off the area by the Jacuzzi from the bedroom. There was plenty of closet space with a safe, slippers and robes for use. The bathroom amenities were shampoo, conditioner, soap and shower gel. The second bathroom was off the living room which had a larger shower, toilet, and also another closet in living room. The living room had a small fold out couch, very small, it was in need of reupholster as it was dingy, worn and dirty. There was a tv also in the living room along with bedroom. The kitchen was quite nice, fully stocked for 4.

The bedroom had a king bed with various pillows though none were very comfortable. I did speak to the chief concierge/manager Javier about this and he said there is a pillow menu, well not in my room, so he had my personal concierge get me one and I was able to order two of each so we could see what was most comfortable. There is also an aromatherapy menu but neither of these amenities seem to be mentioned. The bed was comfortable, but sat very low to the floor and there was a desk area as well. Oddly there were no table lamps only switches for whole room lighting. No clock, lots of mirrors but poor lighting throughout our unit. The layout of the room was awkward as you had to close some doors to get into the closet and such. Not a big issue just something you had to get used to. The plugs were an issue as they were either not put in properly or needed replacement as they were not secure and plugs would fall out and if they stayed in the items got very hot. Fortunately I always bring a surge protector.

Our balcony was large with 2 loungers and a table for 4 with a great view.

One day I made mention of the construction on site to Javier and he was kind enough to take me over to see the mini model of what it would all be like when finished. Very kind of him I thought. He was always informative and helpful and present most times in the lobby where his desk is. I had been in contact with him previous to my stay by email as well.

The pools were okay but getting a lounger was difficult and this is not high season. So a concern to be aware of. Absolutely not enough loungers. Service for food or drinks by pool was painstakingly slow. One day it took 1.5 hours for appetizers and drinks. The footprint of the pool area including raised level hot tubs is definitely at the present time too small for the number of rooms.

The construction was a big issue in the enjoyment of our stay. One day there was actual welding "slag" ( molten metal) that was spraying, falling off on top of people passing to pool bathroom. Fortunately no one was hit, that I know of but some close calls. Very, very dangerous and something of which should have been taken into consideration before welding began. Some days the construction noise was very annoying by pool and others not so much. Just as some nights and mornings you could actually hear the construction noise in the room and others not.

They have an all inclusive plan but we opted not to do it and after a few meals by pool we felt we had made the right choice. We enjoyed going out for dinner nightly. Lunch by the pool and breakfast in room. They have a large kids club area and a few restaurants on site along with a deli. The beach is okay, no raves and few loungers.

Overall, despite the construction and the other minor irritants mentioned , we enjoyed our stay here and would return. I am sure when they do finish construction it will be even better. I have booked yet another vacation here for May of 2020. Again we will go non-all inclusive. I am giving my rating based on what I experienced so obviously construction plays into that.