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Thread: What is it like where you are concerning Corona virus?

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    We have a state wide shutdown for non-essential companies/workers. That means...I still work. Because we manufacture parts used in medical or defense, we are set as essential, we continue to build. Our office staff (including me) are on a rotational schedule, some days in office, some days working () from home. As one of the older on staff, I want to be more at home than at office.

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    We live on the ridge above Yakima WA. I think we are up to 65 cases of c-19 with 61 home quarantined and 4 dead in our county. Things are quiet. Most things are closed. Fishing is closed. I went to the dump to toss yard waste yesterday and was scolded for not being essential and told to not come back until the State closing is over. Cleaned out the freezer and found a sockeye so I smoked it. So bored that I'm falling trees and doing yard work.

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    NC just had a statewide lockdown order today that is effective Monday, but with a lot of loopholes. Apparently the Council of State did not concur with the governor on it, so it's validity is highly questionable. The statute the governor cited as authority for the order specifically requires Council of State approval. Earlier, the governor issued an executive order limiting restaurants to carry out service, and the lieutenant governor responded with a press release pointing out that the Council of State had been asked by the governor to concur and voted NOT to do so, making the governor's order invalid. We will see how people react.

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    Pinellas County FL is on stay at home orders. Unfortunately, my son works at grocery store, so he still has to go to work. Only carry-out or drive-thru restaurants are open. Very eerie. All public beaches, pools, playgrounds, etc. closed.

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    Here in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area it is like a ghost town. My wife works in pharmaceuticals so is considered essential. The company I work for makes bleach so I am also considered essential. The union I belong to has been helping organize blood drives and grocery deliveries for people who are at extreme risk.

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    A lot of price gauging going on prices are more than tripled on most needed foods, I spent over $200 in a local Village barn store that we have never spent over $80 at prior. Butter $6 a pound, Eggs $4 a dozen, Apples $3 a pound Red Peppers $4 a pound vine ripe Tomatoes $6 a pound Onions $2 a pound.......
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