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Thread: What is it like where you are concerning Corona virus?

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    From what I have heard, you should take your mask off in the car and place it on the dashboard where it may get some UV light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfrank View Post
    Driving around you have to wonder how stupid people are, People are close together wit hno masks on, They must think they can not get sick
    The small businesses are closed, but WalMart and Lowes are jam packed, with about half wearing masks. It is like people think that the virus is smart enough to only go after people in restaurants and small businesses but not in big box stores. Of course, since we no longer have any active cases in our county, maybe they don't need the masks. Personally, I am not taking a chance. I still have my N95 mask and hand sanitizer.

    A major shopping mall in Durham, NC, Northgate has announced it will not reopen. The lockdown has financially destroyed both the mall's owner and the businesses of a number of its tenants according to its announcement.

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    Still no deaths or active cases in my county. All have recovered. That is generally the case in our region of the state, but the big cities have more cases. 60% of the deaths in North Carolina have been in nursing homes.

    Beaches are mostly open and that has been a local decision in each beach town. A number of churches in my county defied the governor and continued to hold services, feeling they had a Constitutional right to do so. Quite a few sheriffs announced they would not enforce the lockdown orders on churches or their congregations. Then, ten days ago a group of churches sued the governor and a federal district judge struck down the lockdown order as to churches, admonishing the governor that "there is no pandemic exception in the US Constitution". Now the governor has announced phase two of the lockdown, deleted the churches, and also allowed restaurants to reopen at 50% capacity for dine-in service, as well as barbers and hairdressers, who had announced they were about to sue the governor in federal court, with the same lawyer as the churches used. Bars and gyms were promised they could reopen but the governor did not include them in phase 2 so they expect to file their lawsuit against the governor next week. Our county attorney has even suggested our county government suing the governor for lost tax revenue due to the lockdown.

    An ample supply of pork and poultry have returned to the grocery stores, but beef is still in very short supply. I found some steaks at Aldi the other day but Wal-Mart has only had a tiny bit of ground beef and no steaks.

    My wife and I are restoring a 19th century house adjacent to ours in the historic district that had been tied up in an estate and unoccupied for years. Over the last week, I have been somewhat surprised that lumber, especially treated lumber is now is very short supply. Contractors were considered "essential" and have kept working but the lumber mills had closed and the supply chain problem is now developing.

    Mask wearing is still common but decreasing.

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    Deaths in NY have been steadily decreasing but are still around 100 per day in the state. My county has had about 43,000 confirmed cases. Long Island is slated to open up at phase 1 (construction, limited retail) sometime next week. Almost everyone wears masks. It is mandatory to wear a mask in public when social distancing is not possible. Toilet paper and paper towels are now available. Summer school will not be in session and we are waiting to hear if we will open in September.

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