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Thread: Wuhan Coronavirus and European travel

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    Wuhan Coronavirus and European travel

    I was planning a trip to eastern Europe in late winter / early Spring, but I am concerned about what will be going on with the Wuhan coronavirus then and whether it will be safe. Anyone else out there with this dilemma?

    Most of the cases in Europe seem to be people who have been in China recently, but it has a long incubation period, and apparently it can be spread by those who are not showing symptoms.

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    I would not travel until they come up with a cure
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    I have cancelled my trip. Had some really good flights with my FF miles, but don't want to take the risk. I read today that Italy has had a fairly serious outbreak and has locked down 12 towns in Lombardy plus cancelling the Carnivale of Venice. Austria has blocked trains from Italy crossing its border.

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    Just cancelled A Viking Mediterranean cruise that was set for April did not want to risk it

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    My daughter and SIL were supposed to travel to Italy in April for his work to see about the possibility of relocating there. His corporate office has called off all travel to Europe until the Coronavirus is contained.

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    Every one who works with my wife canceled there summer plans, Brazil, London, Italy were planed, But from the latest in the news every where around the world has been infected but one, Antarctica is the only spot that did not get the virus
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    Another problem could be travel within the country, such as the Orlando area where massive amounts of people are concentrated in the parks.


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