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Thread: Getting air miles when using

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    Getting air miles when using

    I have often used to find good hotel rates, but had to back out of that site and try the direct site of the hotel chain in order to get my air miles, as they were not awarded if you went through third party sites. Sometimes I got the same rate, but sometimes not and I would have to keep looking. is the engine for "American Airlines Hotels" on the airline site, so I have found that you can go to the AA site and book through that engine and it gives you the AA miles at the same rate. They also sometimes offer bonuses. I have a business related trip where I just used that method and found a good hotel where I wanted to go that offered 1,000 bonus miles but still at the rate. Needless to say, I booked that one. If I had booked with, it would have been the same rate but no miles, and directly with the horel chain, the same rate but only 121 miles.

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    Nice tip, and workaround.

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    I use a lot, but mostly for independent type hotels. For the big chains I'll go through their website as there are often additional perks. For example when you book directly with you get free wifi in your room. And most of the time the hotels will price match.


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