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Thread: MROP Bylaws

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    MROP Bylaws

    I have a Multi Resort Ownership Plan (MROP) one week timeshare I want to get rid of.
    I initially joined the MROP in 1992 when it was a limited partnership managed by Sixwater and later Sweetwater. On May 26, 1995 it was reorganized into a nonprofit organization and managed by Owners’ Resorts and Exchange (ORE) and subsequently Vacation Resorts Interval (VRI).

    The Bylaws I have from the reorganization in 1995 have an interesting clause in ARTICLE VI Section 6.2 which states:

    “Section 6.2 Cancellation of Membership. In the event that a Member becomes delinquent in the payment of the Assessments or Personal Charges, the Delinquent Member shall immediately lose all of his rights to use the facilities and to participate in any activity of the Association. In addition, the Association will notify the delinquent Member by Certified Mail at his last known address that his Membership in the Association will be canceled in thirty (30) days unless he responds and resolves his delinquency. If a satisfactory response is not received within this time period, the Membership, the Membership Certificate and all rights associated therewith shall be forthwith cancelled.”

    I read this to say, if you become delinquent they cancel your membership.
    Has anyone with membership in the same MROP read their Bylaws? And if so what do you conclude?

    Also VRI wants to charge me an “exit fee” to turn in my one-week right to use. I don’t see any mention of an “exit fee” in the Bylaws.

    My question is are the Bylaws binding on the MROP?

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    I would assume that the exit fee was a relatively recent change or amendment made or may just be something VRI instituted. You might give the manager a call to see what they have to say about the cancellation section and where the exit fee is in the bylaws or bylaw amendments.

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