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Thread: Improvements at Christmas mountain

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    Improvements at Christmas mountain

    Owners and golfers will be happy to hear that the new course superintendent is working really hard to get the course back in shape.
    bluegreen sent someone in and the sand bunkers have been redone and many replaced by grass bunkers. Fairways look good, greens are improving.
    five holes are having serious drainage problems, and they have started to address the issue on five.
    the Pines course is closed down.
    Someone said they may be looking at hiring a pro,

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    Any improvements to the water? Be nice to take a shower without the filter.

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    Not yet that I know of
    theybdonsaybtheybwill begin repairing the back exit that got washed out last September

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    Very sad news, a 35 year old female staying in the timbers died Thursday morning. Sounded like a bad combination of drugs. Not legionnaires.


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