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Thread: Christmas Mountain news

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    Christmas Mountain news

    The Pines course is now shut down. They had a groundskeeper for 25 years who keep the 27 holes in great shape, but the replacement couldn’t do it. Those staying in the villas and Timbers will not be able to enjoy the golf course view any longer.
    filters have been installed on all the faucets as three cases of Legionnaires have been reported, in late 2017 and late 2018.

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    We are going to be there at Memorial Weekend, hope they get things together by then.

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    Just found out the manager resigned. She was doing a good job, but situation not good.
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    Well, just returned from our 3 day weekend at CMV. The weather was great which made it very nice to visit the area.

    Water filters on everything (exept for bathtub which no longer has water spout). When they are used often (kitchen) or in higher flow locations (shower) they need to be replaced often or the flow isn't a flow but just a drip. First shower was kind of running around trying to find water to get wet. After filter was replaced, it was a normal shower.

    We were in a villa with our screened porch overlooking what had been a golf course. It was very peaceful, birds took over the area, and sounds of breeze in the trees instead of pings from clubs connecting with golf balls.

    We did do the upper dells boat tour. Water is high in the river (and in the farm fields, very wet spring). Some of the docks, including where the boat launched, were at the high water locations. Other docks were under water.

    Cooler spring has meant little bugs, so that was a positive.

    Dells does have some street construction going on, may have been delayed because of rain, lot of standing water in the work area.

    So, my CMV report expanded to a Dells vacation update, but if you are traveling there, that is what you may expect.

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    We met the new groundskeeper. He seems very sincere to try to bring the course back. The 18 holes that are open are very rough. The greens and tee boxes need a lot of work. To quote Abba he needs money, money, money. They are in the process of working on the sand traps., are using heavy equipment and looks like it will be a big improvement The sprinkler system is in need of repair. And there is a big problem on three holes with water runoff. A cart got stuck out there on Sunday and had to be pushed out. He said the next step is to do something on the fifth hole which is soaking wet. I liked the manager who quit, but she would not fire the previous groundskeeper who hurt the course so badly that it will take years for it to come back.
    Of course, the people who live on the former Pines course are worried about bluegreen turning it into timeshares.

    vitner, we plan to do upper dells boat ride, wish we had known. There has been two nice days this May and you were here for them. Rained all day Monday .

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    Boat tour is still nice, still get into Witches and Stand Rock stops. You can park at the ticketing area and get bussed to the boat launch area, or go park up there (which had I known that is were we were leaving from, that is what I would have done).

    Yes, we had the 2 best days of the month. Driving home on I-90, got emergency messages twice about tornadoes and to take cover. Not much cover on the interstate highway. Luckily the tornadoes were further south. We just had 3 solid hours of driving in the rain.


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