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Thread: Going to a timeshare presentation - advice?

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    Going to a timeshare presentation - advice?

    My wife and I will be going to a timeshare presentation. We will suffer through the sales pitch in order to get free airfare to Hawaii. There's no doubt I won't be buying anything. I don't do high pressure sales. My wife said she will just sit there and let me do all the saying "no". But any other advice? I will bring a watch and set the alarm at two hours, which is the length of the presentation. Any other advice? BTW, I would never by a timeshare, but this isn't what this post is about, just advice on how to get through the presentation with minimal suffering.

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    You can say you have 5 Timeshares all bought for $1 on ebay and can use what you have but be ready for the next line which will be we will buy them from you if you take ours. Also saying you belong to Timeshareforums and you know better than to pay full price from a developer when you can buy after market for peanuts, Also if they keep you to long say you will give them a negative review here
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    One time I brought in a printout of rentals offered at that timeshare and they were less than the maintenance fee. Why buy ? Got away in 40 minutes. I also use the timeshares I've bought resale and the prices I paid - another fairly quick getaway. The classic was the time I booked a tour during a hurricane - they didn't even want to show me a unit.

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    Ask for tour discounts since you are there anyway. Ask for free drink coupons. Ask for a Timeshare Forums t shirt, lol.


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