The Boeing 737-800 MAX has just recently gone into airline fleets and now two of them have crashed shortly after takeoff in very similar accidents, one with Lion Air in Indonesia and one with Ethiopean Airlines. I have been reading some of the discussion on Flyer Talk. This aircraft type has new fuel efficient but overly heavy engines that had to be mounted farther forward than normal, creating balance problems that are handled by a complicated computer system. On takeoff, if the "angle of attack" sensor malfunctions, then it can tell the plane to put its nose down to regain airspeed when it is way too close to the ground to do that, and it is difficult for pilots to regain control from the automatic system in the short time before a crash becomes inevitable.

Many airlines around the world have grounded the 737-800 MAX and the UK has announced it will not let them take off or land from their airports.

The only US based airline with this aircraft type in its fleet is American Airlines, and they have NOT grounded theirs. Their flight attendants union has asserted that AA will have to accept their members refusal to fly this bird.

I have a lot of ff miles left on AA, but I will NOT be using them on 737-800 MAX aircraft. The regular 737-800 does not have this problem. It is unique to the MAX variant.