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Thread: Peter Tork died

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    Peter Tork died

    This breaks my heart. Peter Tork of the Monkees and Shoe Suede Blues has died at 77.
    I have been part of his facebook page for a while, and had hoped to see him perform outside of The Monkees sometime.

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    I just heard I'm a believer about 2 weeks ago. Loved watching the Monkeys when I was young. I was lucky to si in the car when I was young. It was being worked on at a local body shop that works on specialty cars,
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    We saw the Monkees at Mohegan Sun in CT just before Davy Jones passed away. Mike was not with them. They put on a great show. I always liked Peter.

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    My first record ever was the a 45 lp Monkees Hey Hey were the Monkees record. Mom bought me a little record player as she preferred I played this in my room.

    tan doble enviar


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