We went to the Westin Nanea Villas over Christmas, and took a timeshare tour to get a deal on the room. The presentation actually seemed fairly attractive, but it made me realize I have not kept up to date with the options for Marriott Timeshares. They were talking about a points system, and the points they were offering were sufficient to get a one bedroom, ocean view unit every other year at Westin Nanea. There was the option to convert them into Marriott Rewards (yes, I know they just started a new program), and the package they offered came with lifetime gold membership in Marriott. I figured that you can probably get a better deal resale, but I remembered that Marriott usually did not allow points conversion with resale owners.

Where can I look to get a good handle on the Marriott points program, pluses and minuses of buying Marriott points resale, and the various quirks of the program?