I am a new user and posting for the first time here. I am a Hilton Grand Vacations Club member and made a reservation through RCI in Udaipur, India in May 2018. The reservation was for dates in Dec 2018. The resort apparently closed, but RCI never emailed us. Now that we are trying to call the resort to confirm our stay, the phone numbers are disconnected. When we called RCI, they first refused to acknowledge that the resort is closed. It is apparently active in their system. When we tried calling again later, they agreed that it was closed and were willing to cancel our reservation but refund the booking fee as a coupon. They want us to use the booking fee by Jan 2019 and the points by Dec 2018. But, we already have flights booked for the travel that we planned in May. There are no other resorts available in the region during our dates. RCI is refusing to give us additional time to use our points.

I am shocked that their representative said that the resort closing is not their fault. Does anyone have any suggestions for what we can do in this situation? We cannot possibly book another vacation to use up the points by end of December 2018. I believe that the least they can do is give us a little bit of time to research and book another vacation for next year. Are our points and money gone? And should we not be booking through RCI, if they cannot guarantee their reservations?

I appreciate any suggestions that anyone can make.
Thank you.