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Thread: RCI is a SCAM....cancelation policy

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    RCI is a SCAM....cancelation policy

    RCI is a SCAM with his cancelation policy. RCI dosen't give you back, the weeks or points to exchange or money when you cancel a week.
    I payed for to weeks in Colorado for this winter to RCI, I decided to cancel my trip and then they SCAM me. I never recived a exchange for my weeks, points to exchange or nothing. They will sell each week in more than US 1,800 and I wont recive anything. They SCAM. If i new this i would have sold it for US $500 each week or give it away, or leave it empty. BE CAREFUL WITH RCI time share.

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    With RCI when you book you can click on their cancellation policy. If you don't cancel within 24 hrs you exchange fee is gone -even if you cancel later. Cancel within the 24 hr grace period you get your exchange fee and full points back. There is schedule of how many points you receive back based on the date (how close to the exchanged date).

    With RCI once you deposit your week is no longer yours to use.

    It is confusing from your post. Did you deposit and make a request but receive no exchange and cancel with no match? In that case you get your exchange fee and points for your week back. You do need to request the refund or it will remain as an internal credit.

    If you made and exchange and then cancelled after the 24 hr grace period, then you lose the exchange fee and may get all or a portion or no points back based on the timing of the cancellation. You can pay an additional fee for points protection in which you still lose the exchange fee but get the points back even if you cancel up to the day before the exchange.

    It isn't very member friendly but it isn't any more a scam than any non refundable or limited refund type travel purchase. If you buy a priceline ticket for 11/30 and don't travel on that date and time your money is gone unless you purchased additional insurance and your cancellation is for a covered reason. RCI doesn't hide the rules but you can't assume you can cancel for a refund. Even worse and it is in the rule, once you make an exchange you can't sell what you exchanged into or bought as a getaway. You do have the option to pay a $89 guest certificate fee and give it to someone but you can't charge for the week and if you do and RCI finds out they can cancel the week, cancel all your current exchanges and suspend your membership all without any compensation.

    Like most things in the timeshare world, it is very important to read and know the rules.

    Scams are more typically reserved for outfits that take your money and then disappear leaving you with nothing and no recourse. It also goes to organizations which do not follow there own rules. So if you cancelled within the 24 hour grace period and did not get your money back.

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    Sally, I think you're wasting your time with your valuable reply.
    RCI - Rents Condos Instead is definitely not Owner friendly!
    ... not enough time for all the timeshares

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