Fast food burgers are something I rarely eat unless travelling, and then fast food burger chains are a common pit stop for me. I am curious how others rate the burger chains. For myself, I look at cooking method (chargrilled versus fried), general taste, burger thickness (one large pattie versus 2 stacked on top of each other), and condiments offered.

My personal ranking of burger chains is as follows:

#1 Cookout

Their burgers are all chargrilled, and in my opinion have the best taste of the chargrilled burgers. They have an offering of either a thin pattie or a larger burger with a think pattie. Then there is a monster burger with one of each. The condiments offered on burgers include such southern favorites as chili and slaw.

Cookout is growing rapidly in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, but I don't know if they have expanded elsewhere

#2 Hardees

The burgers are again all chargrilled, and second best tasting of the chargrilled burgers. Smaller burgers have the thin pattie and larger burgers the thick pattie. I think they were the first chain to start offering thick patties. Condiments are pretty standard

Hardees started in Greenville, North Carolina and expanded across much of the country decades ago.

#3 Burger King

Burgers are chargrilled, but only thin patties offered, Condiments are pretty standard

#4 Wendy's

Best tasting of the fried burgers. Condiments are pretty standard

#5 McDonald's

Big Mac is one of the better fried burger options given its condiments

#6 5 Guys

Fired burgers with thin patties. Fair condiment selection for northern tastes but nothing extra for southerners. For an establishment that sells hotdogs too, it is odd that slaw and chili - pretty standare for hotdogs - are not availible.