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Thread: POA meeting Friday at 5:00

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    POA meeting Friday at 5:00

    POA meeting will discuss bluegreen plan to use the entire $560000 reserves to remodel the registration building. The building is owned by bluegreen, but all costs of operating are paid ny though our maintenance fees. Our contribution to reserves will go up ten percent aevery year to replenish the reserves

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    Update. At the meeting, the representative from my hoa objected to the use of $535000 which is almost the entire reserve earmarked to replace poa owned buildings, to be used for a building not owned by the poa. He felt that it was a fraudulent use of poa money. The two homeowners associations voted against it. The villa, timbers, and campground association voted for it. The decision was put on hold, but they have the votes. Expect increase to replace the reserves.

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    Didn't think that building was in need of updates. Cottages/cabins, yes. Painting and repairs need to be done to the units.
    I am frustrated with Bluegreen, especially when I get the bill for the maintenance fees.

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    Bluegreen wants the money but at this time has no particulars to give on what the expenditure will cover


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