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Thread: Grand daughter in the hospitial

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    Thanks everyone.

    Milani did open her eyes and responded to our voices. That was good. The hardest thing for us is to see her with huge stitches on her chest and the many tubes and monitors connected to her. Seeing this was a real tear jerker. We drove to Seattle's Children's Hospital and spent the day with the kids. We took them on a walk and found a taco truck so we decided to have taco's. It was a beautiful day in Seattle.

    Milani is my seventh grand child so I call her Seven. I usually see her every day as my son bought the property next door and they live here until we are done remodeling their house. Seven is very relaxed when I'm holding her. I can tell because she seems to always take a number two when I have her, lol.

    The operation was open heart to patch a hole between the ventricles that didn't close. The complication was her heart slowed down to where she had seizures that first night. Last night all went well. I was texted this morning to let me know things seem to be going well. We were going to drive back to Seattle today but I guess we will wait until we are asked instead.

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    Looks like the worst is behind her. Next is rehab but being so young she should bounce right back before you know it
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    I'm so glad to hear she has improved. I hope you'll have her home quickly!
    Prayers continue.

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    Oh gosh, how crazy stressful. Keeping you all in my prayers.

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    I hope all is well. That's must be so stressful.

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    Seven is stable. :thumbup: Really, thanks for the prayers. My son and daughter in law are staying in her room. During Milani's operation they discovered an artery was in the wrong place and this was corrected while they were working on her. I had thought there was one hole but I was told there were two that were patched. I was told these were patched with some new type of gortex ??? So the operation was good but lasted almost eight hours. The complication was Milani's heart rate dropped and the scare was no oxygen to her organs.

    They were able to resuscitate her and everything seems like it will be ok. A mri is scheduled for tomorrow. They do not want her awake because of the stitches and tubes. A drain tube was removed today along with the wires attached to her head.

    Yup, I first heard of Seven from George Castaza on an episode of Seinfeld. I have nic names for all seven grandkids . Milani is my seventh grandkid so I took George's idea. I would call Milani, Lani, but I already have Leilani, who I already call Lani.

    Thanks again !!!


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    I’m so happy to hear this. I will continue to pray for her recovery.

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    Glad to hear this. Keep us updated.

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    I am so sorry. Prayers and positive thoughts going out, Very hard time you are going thru.

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    Yesterday we went to the hospital, which is about 2.5 hours away, and brought a care package to the kids and said hi to Seven. She is improving and did open her eyes and gave us a smile. The doctors and every one involved in her care are really fantastic. Seven was born at University of Washington Hospital about six weeks early weighing in under three pounds. She was had neonatal care for about 8 weeks. My daughter in law lived in the hospital room with Seven the entire time and my son was there 3 nights a week.

    This new medical chapter in Seven's life was kind of spooky and very emotional mostly because of how invasive the procedure was. She had an ekg and sonogram showing a few problems that should resolve on their own. These problems actually mean spending more time in the hospital. The first night after her heart surgery they had to do cpr. It took a normal amount of time to do this cpr but to the kids who were in the room while this was going on it seemed like forever.

    This is a picture of Seven the day after the surgery. This is when we asked others to pray for her. Seven was on many peoples prayer lists since she was born and now she is on many more. So Thanks !! We can tell she is getting better.


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