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Thread: Bad weather and flooding near Christmas mountain

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    Bad weather and flooding near Christmas mountain

    Monday and Tuesday we had really heavy rain, winds, and tornadoes in south central Wisconsin. News said about fifteen tornadoes touched down, the week before, we had flooding in Madison

    the towns to the the west of Christmas mountain are flooded, many roads were closed and still are. The roads to CMV are all open now. More rain expected the next several days, more flooding expected.

    there is a small sinkhole and one of the golf course holes.
    i do not see much damage, but I understand that some of the timeshare units are damaged. Some people received calls that they could not honor their reservations for Labor Day weekend. In addition, some employees have suffered storm damage and flooding.

    I went into downtown Dells yesterday and it was very quiet, and was told they don’t expect the usual crowds. Everything looked okay, but signs of flooded streets and wash outs were apparent coming into town.

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    So sorry to hear this. I am thinking of coming up next fall.

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    It is a hundred year flood. Problem is it happened ten years ago too.

    forgot to mention, the Ducks have been going out to rescue people in the flooded areas

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    There seems to be a lot of those 100-500 year events happening around the country more often.

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    Which timeshare units were damaged?

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    I can’t tell which we’re damaged. As I drive around everything looks okay. I know the person who complained about being cancelled was a points owner. But someone said they saw the manager going in the cottages with someone, as if inspecting

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    Hi!! It is very sad to hear that the town is flooded. The flood usually stops activities of daily life. People have to face many financially problem. The community should take serious step to provide a safe place for people. Life become inactive for a short time and face loss of loss livestock. I also want to know what units of timeshares got damaged. I hope all things will be normal very soon.

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    From what I can tell erosion caused pacement to collapse causing some units to have either no parking or unsafe to access stairs to unit. Flooding was in outlying communities


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