And the most amazing thing is that not only is Bluegreen giving me the runaround, the manager was hostile, not to mention a liar. We have affidavits from two exterminators that what was crawling across my daughter's pillow in the middle of the night is indeed a bedbug.

I've been around here a long time, and many of you know me. I'm about to take to social media in a big way. We have pictures and actually have the insect in a medicine bottle, and I won't even mention how gross the unit was. We have photos of the couch as well, and it was disgusting.

We had to find other accommodations. Bluegreen "refunded" the points, but you see they become "saved" points in two months, and if you know Bluegreen, you know that those are pretty useless to the best places. I made the reservation 11 months ago.

Cost me a fortune to get another hotel, Bluegreen won't do a thing but give me points that are useless. Manager got his own "exterminator" that said it was not a bedbug. The guy wouldn't even give me his card, and they took all day to get there. (Which is why we took the bug to two different professionals")

I want my friends here to know this. The manager is saying that my husband threatened him...really? Some of you know him. We were super angry, but threatening we weren't, and he should have called the cops. I wish we had of. NEVER have I experience such trauma and drama, and I'll post photos as soon as I figure out how to do that, LOL.

Anyone want some Bluegreen points? They just destroyed one of their best and most vocal customers.