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Thread: Why Napoli abandoned the Ronaldo deal?

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    Why Napoli abandoned the Ronaldo deal?

    Italian media revealed the shocking truth about Ronaldo's choice before leaving Real Madrid.

    So far, the Ronaldo deal to Juventus is still a shocking event with football fans. Century contracts have been finalized, but related truths continue to be unearthed.

    SHOOT: Napoli refuse Cristiano Ronaldo - Football
    *Napoli has rejected Ronaldo's offer when Superstar No. 7 wants to join the team.
    Recently, the Italian press suddenly revealed the information very sensational decision of the Portuguese superstar. Specifically, Corriere dello Sport newspaper said Juventus is not the first choice of CR7. The 33-year-old striker and his agent Mendes sent a bid to Napoli to express his ambition to join the club.

    Even the "super" of the Portuguese also use a variety of ways to persuade the team leader. However, Serie A representatives flatly refused the will of Ronaldo.

    According to a newspaper based in pasta, the reason why Napoli says no to CR7 is because of financial problems. The club will have difficulty paying for the players. This also means that the salary structure of the team will be broken.

    On the Juventus side, according to the Premium Sport report, Ronaldo himself has been actively promoting himself with Sporting Director, Mrs Fabio Paratici. The former Manchester United star and agent Jorge Mendes met as well as seriously negotiated Fabio Paratici. Here, CR7 expressed the desire to join the "Grandmother Turin".

    The five Golden Globes are pleased with Juventus's bid for a four-year contract with a seasonally-adjusted salary of € 30 million. Eventually the two sides came to a consensus in the terms and superstar No. 7 officially became a Juve.

    Ronaldo will be at the club on Monday morning (16/7). He will conduct medical examinations and visit the facilities of "Vecchia Signora". Then, the 7th kick will officially debut Juventus. Ronaldo's welcoming ceremony included a press conference with international media taking place at 6:30 pm in the "Giovanni and Umberto Agnelli" room at the Allianz Stadium.

    Just as La Vecchia Signora revealed, the club's management had simply held a ritual, with no speeches or big screen appearances with fans at the Juventus Stadium. "The old lady of Turin" does not want to create discrimination between stars joining the team.
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