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Thread: Cousin ran over

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    Cousin ran over

    My wife's first cousin was ran over by a drunk mother with a couple of kids in her car. I can't believe this. She actually is smiling for her mugshot. Tony took over Jimmy's contracting business near Portland Oregon. Jimmy passed away of a heart attack sitting in his chair about a year ago at about 52. Tony is about 50 and was hit by this woman and had his leg amputated below the knee. He also has a broken back, punctured liver, punctured lung and is just totally messed up. He woke up and now has to have the his leg amputated mid thigh as soon as they can get his liver fixed.

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    OMG so so sad
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    How awful! Wish for the best outcome for your cousin.

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    Oh my goodness, how awful. I hope for the best possible outcome.

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    My gosh ~ that's simply awful!!! I feel so bad for your family.
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    Awful to hear that. That is going to be a tough time recovering. Best wishes.

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    How sad

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    Hope the woman had good insurance!
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    This just makes me sick. I hope he gets well / better soon.


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