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Thread: Banking Question

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    Banking Question

    I received an email from Bank of America saying we were over drawn on my business account. There was a almost $18,000 in the account. I went online and can no longer find this account. I can find the alert for this account but not the account. We went paperless so I don't have any information as it shows up until tonight online.

    What happened ? I'm kind of freaking out.


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    What did you find out? Was email really from BOA? Seem to be getting lots of fake emails lately.

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    I couldn't access the account because Bank of America closed it. I couldn't speak to anyone until this morning. When I called, 7am on the dot, I gave the automated voice my phone number so I would receive a call. It took about 45 minutes to get a call back. When I did get the call from the Bank of America, the person couldn't help me and transferred my call to a compliance team. The compliance team person told me my account was closed and that the bank had sent us a check. This was a Sea First account that Bank of America took over maybe 25 years ago.

    The reason the account was closed was that there were a few questions that needed answers to update the account. I provided answers. The account will be re-opened in a few days and we will deposit some of the funds back into the account.

    On Monday , when I logged on to our accounts, I had an update request regarding my citizenship. I thought it was a scam so I google it. It looked legit so I answered the citizenship question. Last night I thought that this may have been a hack that emptied my account. I was thinking the very worst. I'm glad it ended well enough.

    I had one check , the only check wrote for over a year, bounce this week. So I am stuck with the charges associated with the bounce. Go figure.

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    Glad it worked out, but what a scare!
    I was the treasurer for my state organization when the bank asked for all this information for compliance reasons. Because we are an all-volunteer organization with no home base (all the BOD members are school nurses who live all around the state), I could not fully answer all of the questions (there were no answers) and they closed our account. I got a letter informing me they were closing it 2 days prior!

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    I have an account at the bank near our summer home and use the checks for five months. I paid out of it for a rental in April and got a call from the bank about a check written on a closed account. They closed my account because I hadn't written a check in six months, with no notice to me,an account I have had since 1987.

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    I thought for sure you got hacked good thing you did not, I had a bank close one of my accounts do to no activity but before they closed it I was given 30 days to do something
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfrank View Post
    I thought for sure you got hacked good thing you did not, I had a bank close one of my accounts do to no activity but before they closed it I was given 30 days to do something
    I thought I was hacked too. I had some odd internet things happen this last year. I get emails weekly letting me know something about an internet order , travel plans, long lost relatives, medical crap and what ever. Bank of America asking about my citizenship was odd and I actually thought it was a hack. I don't like that they emptied the account and sent me a check for the entire amount of almost $18,000. I don't like having to deposit the check either.


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