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Thread: What is everyone doing for Memorial Day weekend?

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    I'm sorry for the boys, their mother, and you.

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    Haven't been here for a while and just saw this posting, Looks like we are the only one's that went anywhere. We had a great time in Vegas. Stayed at Marriott grand chateau which was nice. Saw Celine and Jalo and both shows were great with Celine being the best. Also saw a rock group made up of members from different bands of the 70's and 80's at the Hard Rock hotel. I liked the show wife thought they were too loud and didn't like it at all. My wife had to go back on Memorial day so she could go back to work on Tuesday and keep me in the life style I am accustomed to ( i am retired).

    I stayed for the rest of the week and saw a couple of additional shows including V for variety at Planet Hollywood which was good comedy show at Flamingo was disappointing, We also went to see the Titanic exhibit at the Luxor which was interesting. Only gambled a couple of times and came out close to even. Already booked memorial day week for next year and will be staying at Jockey Club.

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