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Thread: American Airlines issued us a refund

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    American Airlines issued us a refund

    We bought non-refundable fares to New Orleans, and I was hoping that I could recoup the fare through the Chase Sapphire Reserve trip cancellation insurance. As part of the claim form, we had to show that we filed a claim with the airline. So I applied for the refund, and uploaded the MD notes that hubby was having heart surgery 2 days before the trip.
    Today, I received an email that American had refunded us!
    What a great surprise.
    Now I am hoping that Chase will refund me the $239 for the RCI fee. I paid $99 to reinstate my 30 TPUs.

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    That is great of them, Wish I had great service when my miles expired and they charged me $150 to reinstate them
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    Good deal!

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    That’s great and very very surprising

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrayFal View Post
    That’s great and very very surprising
    I thought so too.
    Now, since I actually paid with Chase Sapphire Reserve points,a nd AA stated they issued the refund to a credit card (not mine) I will have to see how the points are restored.

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    wow, that's great!

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    Wonderful on your flight refunds.


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