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Thread: Odd visitors today

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    Odd visitors today

    Around 11 am, a man and a woman, maybe 40ish, dressed nicely, rang my door bells. My first thought was they were Jehovah on a mission.

    They drove up the first driveway and went up the stairs to the door and rang the bell. I didn't answer because I was only expecting the Fed Ex guy who came by at 1 pm with my motorcycle tires. So then they got in their car and proceeded to drive around back which means they ignored the private entry sign. Rang the other door bell. I answered it but forgot I was wearing workout clothing and didn't have a place for my Ruger. I kept the Ruger behind my back and cracked the door open and said "Whats going on, no one usually drives past the sign." Then the dog ran past me and the door opened a bit wider. I was calling for the dog to get in the house while these people stood there and I think they saw the Ruger. I then asked again what they wanted. The man said that he was here because I speak Russian. I told him I didn't and asked why he would think that. He said that I was on their database. Then they left.

    What does that actually mean ? I'm on their data base. Who talks like that ?

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    Probably just the FBI or CIA checking up on you. They may be back tomorrow with a warrant and a SWAT team.

    or not .

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    No. I doubt that they were any type of law enforcement. I don't owe any delinquent debt so I doubt it was a bill collector. It isn't a political season yet so I doubt that they were polling. It wasn't the census guy. It was a guy dressed nicely and a woman in a dress and heels wearing makeup. They didn't go to my neighbors house. I must of been the only stop.

    It just seems odd. Being on a data base is kind of odd too. Especially a data base for Russian speaking people. I don't look Russian but do have Russian ancestors. Seeing my Ruger didn't seem to bother them which now kind of bothers me.

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    do a google search to see if this is going on in your area
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    Thanks Frank. I did a google search and found some odd dealio of dressed up people asking if the person that opened the door speaks a different language. I called one of my shooting buddy that is a police officer and said he thinks it is the Jehovah Witness group. I guess they keep a data base of who came over and what they talked about regarding trying to convert people. Maybe they googled my address and saw that my last name was kind of Russian.

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    They have no boundaries and they do not take no for an answer. A few years back I almost punched one out. If my neighbor did not stop me he was going down. For a church group they lie like a rug.
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