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    Unlimited Vacation Club

    Curious if there is anyone who has had luck getting out of the Unlimited Vacation Club membership? I know there was an old thread on here but didn't see anything recent so started this one. story.

    My wife and I were vacationing in lovely Mexico again but first time at the Secrets Resort in Akumal. After several days we finally did the sales presentation and long story short, after about 5hrs with these people, finally caved and bought a membership even though the numbers they were tossing around seemed too good to be true. Well, in reality it is too good to be true and now I'm out lots of cash.

    I have engaged with membership services and of course they saying I can cancel but there will be no refund and I will lose everything. Very convenient that their membership access was granted 2 days following the cool off period of 5 days which means I couldn't verify anything until it was too late.

    At any, I'm curious if anyone has been in the same situation of basically paying cash for the membership and been able to cancel and get a refund from these crooks. If you have, I'd be curious to know how to managed to do this. So far I have consulted with a local lawyer (Canada), an advocacy group based in Florida, PROFECO, and BBB. All preliminary discussion of course as I figure out my options. We are literally 2 weeks into the purchase.

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    Your best hope may be with PROFECO and perhaps the best advice I can give you is not to pay anyone to get your money back - some of them are worse crooks. If you paid by credit card you can try calling this fraud.

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    Vacation Clubs are structured as a for profit membership club which is very different than RTU's and deeded timeshare properties. Many people have problems trying to make reservations. At this point the "fraud claim " is about all you have because if there were a rescission period, it has expired. If you traded a timeshare to join the club you can try to stop the transaction by not signing off on the timeshare. Usually these clubs know this and have you sign off as a part of the selling of the vacation club.


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