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Thread: Beware of the Karma Group in Mazatlan

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    Beware of the Karma Group in Mazatlan

    WARNING, STAY AWAY FROM THE KARMA GROUP We were lured into a presentation with Karma International. The program appeared to be a great bargain so we agreed to purchase. This was November 30th of last year. They were clear that our use year was to start January 1st, 2018. Well, everything they promised ( In writing) was false. We have spent all of Jan, Feb, in an attempt to get them to perform their contractual commitments to no avail. We must strongly caution everyone not to attend their pitch. We have reversed the charges to our credit cards as they failed to fulfill our agreements and we exercised our 1 year guarantee.
    Yes it is Safe in Mexico

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    Sounds like bad karma.
    “Maybe you shouldn't dress like that.”

    “This is a blouse and skirt. I don't know what you're talking about.”

    “You shouldn't wear that body.”


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