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Thread: Renting Out my Wyndham Points?

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    Renting Out my Wyndham Points?

    I will not be able to use my Wyndham points this year.

    Do you know someone who can help me rent them out to help cover my maintenance fees?


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    Wyndham Extra Holidays will be happy to tell you about some of the most sought-after destinations to help you increase your chance of a sucessful rental. There are no fees or commission due unless they're sucessful in renting your listing.

    Here’s what you need to know:

    Wyndham Extra Holidays is a secure rental option for your unused reservations.

    Make sure that all your CLUB WYNDHAM® fees are up-to-date.

    A two-night reservation minimum is required.

    Give the Wyndham Extra Holidays team a call at 800-446-1860 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET to learn more or take advantage of this option.

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    I would look for a better option than Wyndham Extra Holidays. They take a 40% cut and make no guarantees it will rent. If the rental is not pulled before the 15 day cancellation period you lose your points. I also understand there may be additional charges taken out of your rental profit like cleaning fees, etc.

    You can try doing it yourself if you don’t find anyone using and There are posting fees but would cost a lot less than using Extra Holidays. The trick is figuring out the best resort and times to book, although on Tug you can advertise points available and let people ask you for where they want to go if available.

    Good luck and don’t forget if you don’t want to rent you do have the option until the end of March (longer if VIP) to deposit points you won’t be using this year to a future year - 2019 or 2020.

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    A few years ago I tried using Wyndham Extra Holidays and they did not do anything for me. A total waste of time.

    We have 280,000 points that will expire in September of this year and cannot be extended past that date.

    So since we can't use them we really would like to get enough to cover our fees. Not trying to make a profit or anything like that.

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