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Thread: Panama City Florida.

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    Panama City Florida.

    I think most of you know I am going to Maine in the fall, but 4/18 I'm going to PCB saying at a 3 BR at the Landmark.
    Boy do they have mixed review !! I hope I get a refurbished one. This will be my first time at a real beach since I've
    been sick so I am looking forward to some easy shelling. Any suggestions on attractions, restaurants and shelling will
    be much appreciated !! NOW GO !!!! shaggy

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    Sorry I can't help, only been there once. Have a great time.

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    I was there in December 1994, I as in the forties and windy, I am sure it has been refurbished since then

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    We spent Thanksgiving weekend there at the Calypso in 2015. Pier Park is 2 miles east of you. Its an outdoor mall-ish kind of place with multiple restaurants. We also liked Shuck’ums, a bit further in the same direction. Kind of a divey locals place but the food was good and reasonable, oyster are their specialty. Destin is an hour to the west. We took the drive and discovered we like Panama City a lot better. You may get some rain in April but it will be warm. The water in the Gulf is mostly clear. We saw some very large fish swimming by about 100 feet offshore from our 19th floor unit.

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    Thanks Phil. My first stop will be Ace Hardware in PCB to go thru the shell piles. I want a Junoia !! I plan on relaxing and eating good food ( at a reasonable price so I'll check out Shuc'ums . I love dives. My neighbor just came back from Destin and hated it. ??? She said it was noisey , crowded , and bumper to bumper traffic. Left after 2 days , they were at Destin State Park. How far is Navarre Beach. ??

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    There is a nice place to eat breakfast and lunch right across the street. Don't remember the name.
    M. Henley

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    A friend who's an annual snowbird down there recommends St. Andrews State Park for shelling and an all-around wonderful day. There's also a boat that shuttles visitors across the jetty to Shell Island.

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    Are you still planning to go?

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    Absolutely!! Why??


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