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Thread: Stocks - crash or correction ?

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    Stocks - crash or correction ?

    Another big drop today, will it drop again tomorrow ?

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    We shall see. When this new president came in, I moved my 403B holdings to a fixed account (4%) until things settled down. I missed out on the big gains, but I think we were due for a correction, and I don't want to be worried about losing my retirement funds.

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    I've lost over 10K in 3 days but I think this is a correction, may take awhile but I think we'll be ok.

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    These swings are good for traders but probably make long term investors nervous. There is talk of a Dow 30,000 in 2018 because of the very fast growing economy, tax reform, higher earnings and deregulation. My bet is the economy will be hard to slow down in 2018 and the Feds tool of increasing the interest rates only causes minor corrections regarding the stock market.

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    With interest rates about to go up, IMO We are going to feel pain way before the pleasure starts again. Just look for a large rock and crawl below it, This is not ending any time soon
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    Jerome Powell is the new Federal Reserve Chairman and I think he was confirmed and appointed to this position because he was the safest choice for the stock market. Interest rates were scheduled to go up at least three times in 2018 and it shouldn't have much affect on the stock market, imo, because it was announced last year.

    The issue that could become a problem is banks recently scaled back on inter-bank lending, probably because of bank liquidity rules. In January the inter-bank lending dropped , as in a nose dive, to below levels of 1973.

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    I just looked at my husband's RMD for next year, it is 25 per cent higher than last years


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