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    Free: MROP

    OK guys. It's time for me to give this ts to a loving home. Due to my health and finances I can no longer uses it.
    I have had amazing trades with it. I have finally learned how to make the most of it and will give you some tips
    that I have observed. Easy to get into Yellowstone with The Timbers in Idaho , St George, and now that I've learned
    to choose wisely, I am going to the Charter Club in Marco (next year. ) I've use it to go to San Francisco, Santa FE and
    Embarcadero in Oregon

    TIP one. You chose your week from MROP.
    If you want to give it to RCI, don't tell them you are exchanging it. Tell
    them you want to go to Hawaii. It gave me a TPU of 38 !! which I gave to RCI
    and exchanged to Charter Club /Marco TPU 34
    This is in comparison to The Timbers summer week only gave me a TPU of 15 !!
    Learned my lesson. Gave it to Trading Places . It went the first day so it made
    no sense to have a low TPU with RCI.

    The yearly fees are around $860 or so.

    Just pay transfer fee.


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    When will you be on Marco?

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    Nice give away. Thanks.

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    Next Aug 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrayFal View Post
    Nice give away. Thanks.
    You can have it cause I know you'll love it,

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    Ok, what is MROP?

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    Multi Resort Ownership Plan

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyg View Post
    Multi Resort Ownership Plan
    They used to trade with VRI, and exchanges through RCI were discounted, and had a preference . I’m not sure if that’s still true.

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    They do trade with both VRI, RCI, & II . If you plan to give it to II just make sure that the unit you chose trades into II. Just ask when choosing.

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    I forgot no discounts at RCI but they do get preference on all VRI .


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