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Thread: Interesting site that tracks timeshare resales

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    Interesting site that tracks timeshare resales

    I haven't taken much of a look at it, but I have found some irregularities and questionable data. They have a place where you can ask what your timeshare is worth and track many resales. At one resort I checked, they missed a lot of resales and at another they had a resale of a 1 bedroom unit in a resort that is all 2 br. units. It does have statistics to show excess transactions by an entity for timeshare associations that subscribe to the site. This could help HOAs determine shell transactions by entities such a post card companies.

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    Interesting. Maybe not as interesting as the King of the Ozarks, but nevertheless interesting.
    M. Henley

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    Hells Bells. It looks like my Mexico timeshares went from $1 when I took them over $300 average resale. I think they have Worldmark very wrong at average $300 resale. The average for wm is about $.30 per point. Vacation Internationale might be close at the sharket price of $56. I was going to check other timeshares when the log in page went blank.


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