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Thread: Frontier canceled our Easter week flights

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    Frontier canceled our Easter week flights

    I got an email from Frontier, stating they are canceling our flights to New Orleans during the Easter break. They said they are not flying there from Islip that month. I booked the flights early, and now the prices have all gone up due to the holiday. I have my timeshare exchange ready to go.
    I asked them to re-route me through another city from Islip. They told me that if I go to another city, I will have to pay for the 2nd leg of the flight to MSY!
    I could go from LaGuardia, but the flight to New Orleans have 2 layovers and take 25 hours. I could drive there in less time than that!


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    What more can the airlines do to ruin trips ?

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    Ugh is right! I hope you can figure out something that won't cost an arm and a leg and take you forever to get there.

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    oh that sucks! I was so excited to see the great fares out of Islip, really a shame they are screwing you over like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyg View Post
    What more can the airlines do to ruin trips ?
    1. Land the plane at the wrong airport

    2. Not land the plane at all.

    When people ask me if I had a good flight, I say "Yes. The plane landed safely at the correct airport."
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    Not a bird but have you checked Amtrak??

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaggy View Post
    Not a bird but have you checked Amtrak??
    Thanks. I was able to book an alternative for $180 more for the 2 of us. Not non-stop, but better than 25 hours!


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