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Thread: Just visited a sales presentation.

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    I have 13000 annual points. I got in to Bluegreen in a roundabout way - bought a fixed Dec week, off eBay, at a BG resort in Daytona. First visit I went to an owner's update and they offered to take my fixed week for points if I bought more points. I did the trade and bought more points for a total of 13K points. I think what I bought was 5000 more points for around $7K. This was my "developers" purchase. They gave me 8K points for the fixed week. My total cost for the 13K points is about just under $10K.

    I do recommend making some kind of "developer" purchase, even if it's a small amount of points. My thinking is this helps develop more units that are available. In everyone just buys resale I wouldn't think there would be much growth in the BG system.

    All points are deeded against actual time at a resort, to a particular unit, but you use the points anywhere you want in the system depending on availability. My 13K points consists of two deeds. I have not added any more points as I seem to never use all the points each year and have to save points each year (you can save unused points for one more year of use).

    I have enjoyed the BG system and hope to many more years.
    I think the two main "charter" perks are bonus time and Traveler's Plus.

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    And yet, I have never used bonus time.
    I have never used the free weeks.

    With a wife who is a teacher, we get to vacation when she has her time off. With her summer programs, that time is really limited. We have so many points, no need for bonus and can't really use the free weeks.

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    We were in that same situation, I remember our first fall trip, four weeks in the Carolinas. And I forgot to pay the second installment of our tax bill, our name was published in the paper as delinquent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by motomem View Post
    (you can save unused points for one more year of use)....I think the two main "charter" perks are bonus time and Traveler's Plus.
    For about a $50 fee you can save points to the following year, they can only roll once.
    Travelers Plus is the overarching benefit that supposedly has an initiation fee of $1349 and an annual fee of about $50 depending on how you pay it. Developer purchases get it thrown in 'free' along with first year fee paid. Unlimited Bonus time is one of the Travelers Plus perks, as is Hot Weeks, Travel Services, Cruises, Grand Yacht Club, etc., etc.
    ... not enough time for all the timeshares

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