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Thread: BG Owners Update - Anyone attended very recently??

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    BG Owners Update - Anyone attended very recently??

    I vacationed in Branson at the BG resort with my points the week of Dec. 11th. They mentioned a new CEO and there would be no sales pressure during the owner's update. I did not do it because I didn't have a need to. They did not pressure me at all to try to go thru an update (which they normally try to).
    If anyone has attended an update very recently can you give some feedback - have they actually changed??

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    Quote Originally Posted by motomem View Post
    have they actually changed??
    There is a new CEO, I think they're a public company again BGX. Their motto is Share Happiness. As a rule there is no pressure other than 'Buy Today.' Who knows how individual representatives may act at the end of the month.
    ... not enough time for all the timeshares

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    I did an owners update in August.
    It wasn't very high pressure.
    They offered me one product but in the
    end could not deliver so I passed.
    I did the update at The Fountains in Orlando.

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    Thanks for the replies. I haven't done an owner's update in many years, because I just haven't had a need. I may have to do one this year to see how it is.

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    I did a "sell" at Branson After being beaten to death by Wyndham all they basically asked me was there any chance he could sell me one. I said no and got my bucks and a 200 visa card. No pressure at all !!!


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