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Thread: Villas @ Simpson Bay

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    Question Villas @ Simpson Bay

    Morning All,

    Interested in your thoughts. I know an individual who is trying to sell a unit at this resort. Unit is on the first floor, unit 106A, week 9, 03/03/2018 - 03/10/2018 and is a 1BDRM. They are advertising it for $2000 US, and say the MF's are $750 US annually, but it rents for $1500 US because it is the Heineken Regatta week. Wondering if they actually rent for that, or if that is just what they rent for on their website.

    I did check out the following link and am looking for more information from the seller but wondering if this would be a prudent purchase?

    Obviously I'm a little hesitant given the hurricane and the significant damage the resort took.

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    I can understand your reluctance. When I owned at the Royal Resorts there were a couple of damaging hurricanes, but minimal damage to those resorts. The heavy damage Simpson Bay suffered makes me wonder how good the construction is and whether another hurricane would cause heavy damage again. Rentals are never guaranteed and some years renting can be difficult and not as lucrative. Was there a special assessment or indication that one might be coming ?

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    See what rentals are selling for in the near area, That should give you a better idea of the price compared to others
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