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Thread: vidanta is a scam

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    vidanta is a scam

    Vidanta is a complete scam. on may 2017, ive signed a contract with it.I was promised cash but instead received Vida Dollars which is a scam by itself! They told us that they would get rid of our current timeshare and we won't need to pay a maintenance fee anymore. We immediately contacted Vidanta and asked for cancellation due to lies and discrepancies on sales, but unfortunately Vidanta refuses to refund my money, even though I was a victim of their unethical and fraudulent sales process.

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    And it is only the beginning. How did you pay ?

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    I'm sorry you were scammed by a Post card company.
    These companies are the worst because they take your money and still leave you with the deed.
    Easier to just give it away on ebay if it has no value.
    Might take a little work but it's possible to just give it away.

    You can also check with the HOA of your resort.
    They might have a deed-back program you can do by just prepaying a few years MF's.
    It's not ideal but many resorts are doing it now but don't advertise it.
    I guess it's cheaper than them dealing with a foreclosure on their hands.

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    Vidanta Resorts are very nice resorts.

    The sales people are very high pressure and stretch the truth to the max and then some in order to get you to sign the contract. You must follow the cancellation instructions exactly. This must be in writing and within 5 business days of signing the contract. This is best done by mail so that they do not continue to badger you into keeping what you bought.

    They never promise real cash or rentals in the contract - just Vidanta Dollars.(Totally worthless in my opinion - we have never accepted them.)

    Whatever is in you contract you have. The problem is that many people do not actually read that booklet while they are still at the resort and then the time limit is up and you are then stuck with it.

    Because we have been timeshare owners since 1991, we know to read the fine print and go back the next day. Both of us go over it in detail and go back to re-negotiate. Customer Service is great to work with. NEVER go back to Sales - they will lie even more so they can keep their commissions.

    You could still try contacting Customer Service, but it is now 6 months since you bought, so you probably need to learn how to use the system.

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