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Thread: How are your maintenance fees and taxes ?

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    How are your maintenance fees and taxes ?

    I remember the days when mine averaged about $400. Currently fees and taxes are just a bit over $500 per week.

    They are 2br.units, half of them lockoffs.
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    We are closer to $650 for the 1 bedroom and $750 for the two with a few contracts and about $700 - $800 for a 1 bedroom and $800 to $900 for a two bedroom with the rest. Not too bad, imo, considering my buddies mf of about $2,200 for his 2 bedroom Marriott.

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    I am in the 700-range when averaging all my properties together. I have no brand names except one Holiday Inn Club Vacations.

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    Ours is around $937 (i think) for each of two weeks at one resort (which started out at around $400 18 years ago) and I think like $750 for our other one. Both are 2 bedroom units. The more expensive one sleeps 8 (with the pullout) and the other sleeps 6 (but is a loft- almost like a 3 bedroom).

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    I have one at $1200, 2 units at a little over $1000, one at $650, one at $250, one at $150 and 3 charge club fees of more than $100 a year. Probably pay about $5K a year to play not counting the exchange fees.

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    i do wyndham points,, which average about $6/1000 points (each resort is different) The points required for a weeks stay also vary by resort but fall into a couple of average ranges. the older legacy resorts like Fairfield Glade come in at 154000 points for a 2 bedroom. the newer resorts like Bonnet creek, Las Vegas and National Harbor at 225000 points for a two bedroom and then there are some really high priced places like Chicago, New York and San Francisco where one bedrooms are in the 400000 point range

    so do the math
    $6 x 154= $924
    $6x 250 = $1350
    $6x 400 = $2400

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    I average about $900 each for 2-bedroom units and the same for a studio in San Francisco. The biggest gripe this year is an assessment for almost $900 also this year and the second time in the past 15 years.
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