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Thread: Floating and Fishing near Ensenada Blanca Mexico

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    Floating and Fishing near Ensenada Blanca Mexico

    This trip to Ensenada Blanca included floating and fishing. Floating would be snorkeling in some of the clearest waters I have ever been in. The areas near the resort, the Villa del Palmar Loreto, have very clear calm waters because of the islands protecting the bays from the Sea of Cortez. I would advise a light body suit if you snorkel near the resort as the sea lice is crazy bad.

    Across the bay , snorkeling around Danzante Island is really good, no sea lice and abundant sea life. The first thing I swam into was a large school of sardines. This went on for 40 yards and took up the entire water column. Then this broke into deeper areas with larger fish, some very large, waiting for a stray sardine. Occasionally, a large fish would excite the ball of sardines and the sardines would circle me. Very cool. Farther along were the normal varieties of colorful tropical fish doing their thing. Very cool.

    The next Danzante Island spot was on the sunny side of the island. Large rocks with schools of fish swimming around. Not as impressive as the first spot but very cool.

    Snorkeling in the area near the resort was very good on the outer side of the cliffs. The resort has a trail to this area so it is fairly easy to access. We snorkeled against the slight current maybe 400 yards to a point in the cliffs. On the way to this point we went over large crevices , boulders and hard coral formations. Each area had a dominate species with parrot fish and trigger fish being the largest species dominating all areas. Many star fish and giant clams.

    Once we hit the point we drifted back in about 40 ft where the white sand met the structure. We saw 4 decent sized spotted reys, schools of fish and a turtle. One thing I noticed was a clicking sound while going through the large yellow tropical fish. Immediately after going through these fish I felt the stings of sea lice. I think the yellow fish were eating the sea lice and that might of been the clicking noise. While it doesn't hurt I do have welts where my skin was unprotected. I had a dive shirt on but wore board shorts, so from the knee down was mostly involved. I noticed that the 60sp lotion kept my face and neck safe.

    The fishing was very good. We bottom fished for some red snapper and after we had enough for some meals we went after dorado. We did get into the dorado, yum. Our group is about 12 people so we had the resort cook a meal at their nice restaurant. The meal was very good but not seasoned the way I would have. The rest of this week we have been making fish tacos in our room, yum.

    Anyway, so far, so good.


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    SEa Lice season starts at the very end of March and is usually over by now in Cancun. Multiple stings can cause some to go into shock and have been known to affect the immune systems of others.

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    This is my first time in all these years of being in the water that the sea lice got me. Its starting to itch. The local called it agua malis or something like that. I think that means "water bad" or "bad water"??? I have had the fire coral stings a few times which felt very bad especially because I was 80 ft down.

    The good thing is I have oatmeal and white vinegar. Later I'm going to try to relieve the itchiness using both.

    I just finished a float off the caves maybe 200 yards away from the resort. Visibility is not as good here but good enough. There are plenty of fish and other critters which is entertaining and a decent work out. No sea lice on this side of the point.

    I will run out of dorado tonight but it should be a fun evening.

    On day one, when I arrived at this resort, I was asked to go on a presentation, and I said no. No one contacted me until today. I wrote on a piece of paper the very first day what I want to get me to a presentation. Today as I walked through lobby they agreed to my terms so I guess Im going tommorow morning.

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    Nothing does much to relieve the itch. They say they sting when they get caught under swimwear, so going in adorned with only your birthday suit should keep you sting-free.

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    Have your buddies pee on you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buzglyd View Post
    Have your buddies pee on you.
    Now thats a pisser
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    The white vinegar seemed to work and my wife has some Mary Kay stuff that she put on my owies. The rash seems to be going away.

    So I went to the owners update. We are with a woman for the warm up. She didn't really understand timeshares other than what she has been taught by UVCI. I have 3 contracts with UVC that I will not upgrade. I explain why I will not upgrade and we go from breakfast table to sales room. I meet a guy that looked familiar in the sales room. We make eye contact and then he says he remembers me from 14 years back when I bought a week at Sunset Beach. The reason he remembered me was at that presentation I told him I would sign but I would cancel because of all the stuff they were willing to give me for signing. They brought out a no cancellation document which I eagerly signed. They then gave me a bunch of stuff and the next day I cancelled.

    Anyways, now he is working for UVCI instead of Pueblo Bonito.

    Then I am escorted to a closed off office where a very cool old guy spoke to me about my timeshare strategies. I was very honest and told him the reasons the new UVCI product is flawed. He already knew. He said he would email the entire program with the accelerated use clause, which is the only thing I was interested in knowing about.

    As the old contracts expire or update, the inventory of open spots for reservations in the old UVCI system is reduced making it supposedly harder to make reservations at the best UVCI resorts for the best weeks.

    Anyway, I did take a float today with some leftovers. Holy crap. I made many friends. I had fish schooling all around me. A few very large parot fish came over for some peas. The yellow with black strip fish were very much my friends.

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    You took another week?
    I have had it with my timeshare in Atlantic City, I like going to it since I have a huge balcony and ocean view but $865 MF for a 1 bedroom is the reason people want out. I told my wife lets go one last year next summer and then give it up.
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    No. I am not interested in extending these UVCI contracts with the developer and will let the rtu's expire on the three I have. They all have low mf's because they are old contracts. Two of the contracts have about 6 years left and one has about 9. The one bed units mf are about $640 and the two bed mf is about $700.

    My Eagle Crest in Oregon had a mf that kept going up so I dumped them. I bought these resale because of the way they traded into Worldmark for points. It was a very good deal until Wyndham came along and screwed this up.

    I heard Atlantic City is on the way back. When we were there it was kind of dead. I did like our unit at the Flagship Tower but the boardwalk in front of the resort was gone and some of the casinos were shut down.


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