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Thread: My trip to Portland & the Oregon Coast. 7/17

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    My trip to Portland & the Oregon Coast. 7/17

    a little late but better late than nicer as the saying goes. Flew into PDX from CLT and called the Best Western to tell them I was here. They arrived promptly,
    I was tired so took a nap and by the time I got to Pioneer Square via the light rail the only thing left on the Pink Trolly Tour was the last one which meaNT I
    could get on and do the circle but not get off as there were no more trolleys. I was very disappointed in the homeless situation and was a little uneasy. EX
    The hotel neglected to tell us we had to go by a homeless camp to get to the light rail and also the homeless were laying all over the streets !! They didn't
    bother anyone but it was still disconcerting.

    I got off the Trolly at McCormick & Schmidt and ate at the world famous happy hour. Great view and great food. Took trolley to light rail to Delta Park and rode
    my scooter back to BW.

    Tues We rode the light rail to the zoo ( I am now an expert) We had a wonderful time. It's a great zoo and we enjoyed watching the otters , the humping tortoise
    and the elephant feedings. Called Uber to get back to BW as my scooter's two batteries ran out of juice.

    We aTE at both Sherry's and Elmers as they were very convenient to the BW>

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    Wed: Mt Hood & Sandy

    Got up early , picked up rental car and headed to the gorge. I LOVED IT. It was so beautiful and peaceful. When we got to Multnohma Falls I had to
    stay at the base and take pics but Kelli hiked up to the bridge. I was taking this trip very easy so as not to have problems like I did in Colorado .
    I couldn't go to the Fish Dam because the road was closed due to fire so headed to Sandy which was home for the night. We went to Mt Hood and to
    Trillium Lake where the view was unreal. Stayed at BW in Sandy and liked it much better than the one in Portland. On the way up ate at the General
    Store in Troutdale.

    Thurs: Got up and headed to the coast. Stayed at Lanai on the Cove in Seaside. I could have lived there !! I didn't want to leave . The office staff was
    very nice and I upgraded to an Oceanfront room. The view was awesome. Sat on my deck and watched the waves, the surfers, the bald eagle , the sunset.
    I was in heaven, We headed to Astoria where we ate lunch at BowPickers ( famous old boat restaurant } that only served fried tuna, Had lunch at a picnic
    table where qw met all kinds of friendly folk From there on to the Goonies Museum. and Haystack Rock. Altho the museum was small I thought I'd never
    get Kelli out. I think she took pics of every nook and cranny and was there a good two hours or more. A lot of people said it was only a 5 to 10 min deal.
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    Sounds like you had a great trip, with no mishaps or health emergencies. Glad you are back in business.

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    Glad you had an enjoyable trip.

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    Sorry, one mishap coming up
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    After the Goonies we went to the Astoria Column Beautiful area , I rested while Kelli climbed the 163 steps up and 163 steps down not once but twice as she forgot the wooden airplane to throw off the top. lol Better her than me.

    rOn to Embarcadero where we stayed a week. I had been exercising under the care of the Pulmonary Lung clinic so I was actually strong enough to get up and down the steps to the room albeit I only did it once or at most time a day.
    Kelli was very anxious about me I was in bldg G bottom floor last bldg on the end. I loved sitting on the patio and watching th unencumbered view. I have really slowed down but by doing so it has allowed me to still travel. I miss not
    being able to hike to waterfalls and getting to the beach by going the way of the stairs, etc but I was happy and proud of what I managed to see and do.

    I actually loved Embarcadero but I think it may have a lot of where you are placed. If you go thru MROP you will always get the room I got 151 G It is a 1 br with bed separated from the living room full kitchen. It was squeaky clean and I believe it had been recently remodeled.

    The week I was in Newport I think I saw everything from Lincoln to the sand dunes. Some of the things we did was the sand buggy ride t the sand dunes. We did the slower one and wished I had done the fast one. It wa scenic , so got good pics , esp enjoyed riding on the beach . Stopped at the Sea Lions cave . I wa upset because they said it was handicapped accessible as they had an elevator but neglected to tell me their were about 35 steps to get to the elevator !!! They even sold me a ticket while I was on my scooter !! Kelli went on w/o me and said there were only 2 sea lions in the cave but about 100 outside. Very deceptive . I took pics of the Hacienda lighthouse. outside in the parking lot.

    Other things we did was see the Yaquina lighthouse, two whale watching trips. One in Depoe Bay and one in Newport. Loved being out on the water. Shopped in Newport, gambled in Lincoln after going to the Thompson Square concert. We also went to the Oregon aquarium but we liked the zoo in Portland better.

    Some of my fav restaurants was The Tidal Rave in Depoe Bay, and the one in Newport across from the marina. It had great crab cakes. Rogue Ale was good. but pricey. Hated the original Moe's in Newport. Food was frozen altho Kelli'd baked halibut sandwich was great.

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    I forgot the mishap On the way back to Portland we stopped at the Enchanted Forest. I asked the ticket taker which was the handicapped trail and he sent me the wrong way. I was going very slow up the hill and all of a sudden it stopped and flipped me backwards where I hit my head on the concrete. everyone came running but luckily I didn't slit my head open or get a concussion. Kelli went on and I just sat in the shade . I did get my money back.

    This was one of the best vacations I've had in a long time The weather was beautiful , ;high 70['s low 80's and no humidity. First time I c;ould breathe in 2 yrs. If I could afford to move there I would but a shack cost 250K.

    I would have liked Portland better if I had gotten to see more, but that''s ok. They really need to work on the homeless situation.

    well that's all folks. Headed to Branson !!

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    We loved our trip last year.

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    It sounds like a good time.

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    So glad you were able to see the Gorge and the waterfalls before it was recently set on fire I love the Newport and Depoe Bay area, and like you I'd love to move there. We are looking in to it. Sounds like you were able to stay pretty mobile and did a lot. I'm so glad. The PNW is beautiful.

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