August 10 I was at the wilderness resort (glacier canyon) water parks and I was surprised to see Todd Nelson walk by. Todd owns the Kalahari resorts, and trappers turn golf course. He is a local boy who has done well. Basically he was at a competitors business, and was with a group of men, being shown around the area.
Wondered about that, even as he made the news the next day for donating 88 acres of land to build a new high school in the Dells, he and his wife were class of 79, valued at a few million.
This week the word is out, he is buying the wilderness resort.
The story has always been that he wanted to buy Christmas mountain, he owns all the land behind it.
Anyone who has been to either the Kalahari resorts or the wilderness know what great properties they are. I can't even imagine the value.

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