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Thread: BlueGreen Timeshare transfer

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    BlueGreen Timeshare transfer


    I was wondering if anyone on this forum had some knowledge of deed transfers. I have come across someone on craigslist with 2 deeds, (one that gives 20,000 points bi-annually and one that gives 20,000 annually.) They have owned them outright for 10 years and are looking to get rid of them because of failing health for a song. My parent own a BlueGreen timeshare and they have been happy with it. When investigating the transfer I have run across some disturbing information, (given to me by BlueGreen, who I know is serving their own interests first....) and I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on these questions for me.

    1. With a transfer what features of the time share would be lost?

    2. Right of first refusal, (this is the one that I find rather disconcerting.) What is it, how often do they exercise it and is there a way to ensure BlueGreen won't take that route.

    3. Is there anything else I should know about a private transfer? (ie, not pinnacle.)

    If these questions are posted somewhere I have failed to see.... I'd be happy to be pointed to another thread.


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    Welcome to the group.

    There are a lot of tough questions here, and to be honest, I don't have answers because I have not gone through this.
    I understand that transfers like this would loose the premiere benefits (Bronze, Silver or in this case, Gold). I do not believe you would have Traveler Plus either.

    There are some people here that have more experience and may be able to answer your questions. I don't know how often they come in, so answers may not be right away. There is also a Yahoo group with more dedication to Bluegreen, you may find people with experience in this area that can help. In Yahoo groups, search for Bluegreen Vacation Club Owners.

    Good luck.

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    Bonus time only at resort where you are deeded with a transfer

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    Regarding ROFR, BG would typicallly exercise it in cases where they are getting the points back cheap (since for ROFR, they have to match the sale price).

    Paying more for the points is really the only way to avoid it happening - as far as the break point dollars/point, I can't help with that, since I don't know what BG considers a good deal at this time

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