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Thread: CMV Parking-rules vary depending on where you are.

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    CMV Parking-rules vary depending on where you are.

    IF (that was a big if) I get the survey for this last weekends stay at CMV, I am going to have to ask where my maintenance fees are going. It sure isn't going for landscaping or painting outside areas.

    We were in 615, that is near the activities building, across from the grills and basketball court.

    For all other units in the CMV resort (cabins, villas, townhouses, etc.), there is one parking space (sometimes 2) for each unit right in front of the unit and that is where you park. Overflow/extra cars go in another area. For this block of 4 buildings/8 units, they are not set up with parking near the unit, they are a 'park anywhere' on that asphalt pad, so you maybe parked in front of another unit or where ever there is a space. But, of course, no one tells you this when you check in. In fact, in front of the 614/615 and 616/617 buildings, there are 3 spots and one 'no parking' which is for staff to occasionally pick up something from storage in one building. When I checked in on Friday, and all the spaces in front of my building were full (3 spaces for 4 units), I called to find out what was going on. Security came, told me I could park in the 'no parking' space.

    During the weekend, I have seen 5 cars (one double parked behind another car, and one in the no parking spot) on that side and 3 cars on the other side. The spaces are not well marked as the paint has faded years ago. No one knows where to park, no signs are provided, no notice from the front desk, the front desk doesn't know. How can this be? This isn't a new section of units, this has been an issue for decades.

    And, the deck outside my unit needs paint badly, like about 3 years ago.

    Maybe my ranting has gone to excess, but when a person is going to the unit for the first time, why isn't the front desk aware of parking and notify their guests how to use parking for these units.

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    When they opened the back nine of the oaks golf course, they placed natural tall grasses all over the course. The golf course superintendent retired and the new one has mowed almost all the grasses down to the nubbins. The flower beds are overgrown, and many of the Tee boxes have no grass, lots of brown areas elsewhere too. To top it off very little play. I worry the course is going to lose a lot of money. And then what

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    Now I am ticked off, no tv again all day. Why can't they get that system to work!

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    More ticked off, front desk refused to put me through to maintenance. Said they were working on it. Hours later, called front desk again. Told me to call my provider. Explained that they were the provider, had no idea of that or that my street has no cable. Said they would call maintenance.

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    Another day with no tv, this time since manager never returned my call, went to maintenance. They said it was fixed yesterday. This means that no one at the office told maintenance about the problem. So no tv up and down the street and probably no tv for the a British open.

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    Fixed and only two days without

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    Left hand, meet right hand.

    It's terrible that they are in such a state of disarray, but at least you've got it working now. Did you ask them to credit your account for the two days?

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    Now the bad news, only one tv is coming in, I get about five stations with two of them, and the fourth tv does fairly well but lost all high definition stations

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    The TV we had in the unit was horrible. Only a few channels came in clear, others were either vary fuzzy, distorted or blank. CMV has really fallen apart.

    I put in my survey that I hope the next call I get from Bluegreen is an offer to buy my points. Doubt it will happen, but I would jump at a reasonable offer.

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    Someone who lives in dells mentioned the old trading post. Bluegreen owns it, it is sitting empty for years, grass is growing through the pavement. Why don't they do something about it. I can't tell is sun mountain spa is one or not, but you enter through the deserted parking lot and none is around. I don't feel comfortable going there

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