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Thread: Had hip re[lacement surgery on Friday

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    Had hip re[lacement surgery on Friday

    This was my 2nd hip replacement, The first one about 5 years ago was hell, 3 weeks in the hospital and 7 weeks in rehab. This time the incision is about 10 inchs compared to 2 feet the last time.. Today I took my first steps and what a dxifference compaired to my first replacement. I hope to be home in 3 weeks maybe even sooner
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    Goomba & Super Moderator tonyg's Avatar
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    Hope it keeps working out nicely.

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    Platinum Contributor Nancy's Avatar
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    Hope all goes well.

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    Good luck with the rehab.

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    Hope it goes well. I think I will have to give in and get a knee replacement

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    Wow, that's a big difference in incision and rehab time.
    Glad it's going well.
    I'm such a chicken, I need both my knees done.

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    Good Luck Frank. Good wishes and prayers that you get well soon so you can get back to the hustle.


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    I had knee replacement in December. I actually got to like PT because I was working and surpassing the requirements for the day. Frank, with the second hip now done, it only gets better. And if you have nurses like I did, you will be happy to be out of the hospital.

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    Feel better, Frank!

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    Glad the procedure went well and you are in the mend.

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