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Thread: Had hip re[lacement surgery on Friday

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    I came home last night, Doing great just having issues going down steps , Up I have not gone up this good in the last 4 years, One other problem is getting out of bed. In the hospital rehab I had a trapeze over my bed to pull me up.
    Enjoy some wine. Should help get you get through things.
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    Doing better every day, I am now done with the Walker and Commode I need a special pillow on a low chair but I only need it on one chair. I can walk up stairs almost like normal coming done still an issue. I go see my doctor tomorrow which he has to remove 2 stitches that the nurse missed. I expect it will hurt since they are covered.
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    You'll be kicking ass in no time. In the mean times take it easy, maybe get some medicinal pot.


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    You guys are not going to believe this, Larwen has been MIA for about 4-5 months. I texted her today and she replied that she had Hip replacement Surgery in MAY. It sounds like she had the procedure I had at first and is having a slow recovery. I am going to copy this post and repost it in its own thread
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    I've cancelled the search party.

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    wishing for a speedy recovery!

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