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Thread: Grand Mayan, Riviera Maya This Christmas

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    Grand Mayan, Riviera Maya This Christmas

    I posted this on TUG, as well, but I'm trying to get the most advice from the most people, so I'm posting here, too.

    We just got an SFX trade into the Grand Mayan Riviera Maya this Christmas. The last time I was down there was about 15 years ago or so (Stayed at the Royal Carribbean back then). So, I'm looking for advice in the following areas:
    1. I know that you get a free transfer from the airport, and when you arrive, the best cost is to arrange a transfer back to the airport on the day you leave. Is this the best transportation option?
    2. Tours -- I'm thinkng Chichen Itza and Xcaret. What are the best options for visiting these places? Are there other tours that are worth doing? What kinds of costs am I looking at?
    3. Is the Mayan timeshare tour experience still the hell I remember it being from last time? What kinds of perks can I negotiate if I decide to put myself (and my wife) through the tour again? Room upgrade? Free tours to Chichen Itza/Xcaret?
    4. Transportation. I've heard that the resort offers a free shuttle to Playa Del Carmen. Are there any free/low cost transportation options into Cancun? Is there still a free shuttle to any nearby markets? I'm OK with an upgraded transportation experience if it's at a good price.
    5. Markets. Is there a nearby Wal Mart/Costco or some similar market where we can stock our room for the week? Or is there another market that's a better option?
    6. Restaurants. What are some good restaurants down there to try? I hear that the Grand Mayan has a good restaurant, but doesn't serve a lot of Mexican food. Which is/are the best restaurant/restaurants on the resort grounds, and are there any worth traveling to for a good experience?
    7. Websites. Any good websites for advice or recommendations? When we were there last time, the "Entertainment Card" was a good deal. Is this still around and, if so, is it still worth it?
    8. Other. Any other quirks/tips/tricks for the stay?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you all can offer.

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    It's been awhile since I've been to Mexico, so I really can't give you much current info. There used to be a La Parrilla restaurant in town good but not as good as the Cancun one. [I] think the entertainment card or Entertainment Plus is now is still in business. Look them up and see what they offer. At one time they had the best prices on trips and they also do trips to a from the airport. Brant Boston runs the site and is a great guy.
    Xcaret and Chichenitza are two good choices for trips - get a tour guide for the latter choice.

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    We have an exchange here in the fall. I'd love any tips folks have on toddler friendly stuff to do, especially any of the excursion/eco parks


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