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Thread: My Portland & Oregon Plans are all made !!

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    My Portland & Oregon Plans are all made !!

    In July on a Sunday night I drive to Charlotte and stay at the Quality Inn for $73 , and they will keep my car there for up to 14 days !!
    Mon:\: fly into Portland and arrive around 10"30 . Shuttle to BW Meadows at the Inn . Hop on light rail and go to Pioneer Square where
    I will get on the HOHO tour ( have a 2 day pass) Go to the zoo and maybe a garden or two
    Tues: Go back hop on trolley and go wherever I missed.
    Wed : Pick up rental car and do the Gorge/Waterfalls and on to Mt Hood where I'll spend the night at BW Govt Caamp
    Thur: Drive to Astonia as daughter wants to see the Goonies was made Spend night in Seaside at the Lania on the COVE
    FRI: Check in at Embarcadero in Newport where I will stay until next Friday . Explore the coast.
    Fri: Check out and leisurely drive to Lions Gate at PDX
    Sat: LeaVE for home but pray I get bumped so I can go to the Market

    That be it !! Any recommendations appreciated

    Hugs, Shaggy

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    On your Thursday trip to Astoria you could cross over the bridge into Washington and visit the Lewis and Clark Interpretative Center. There is also Ft Stevens on the Oregon side.



    Seaside is a nice place to hang out with plenty of shops. Your not to far from the Promenade which is a pretty cool walking sidewalk along the beach.

    Canon Beach is really close to Seaside and on your way to Newport. Canon Beach is a pretty nice area to hang out. Just south of Rockaway Beach in Garabaldi is the Priates Cove Restaurant where you can get razor clams for lunch. These pan fried razor clams are so good and the Ocean-view is great. The Tillamook Cheese Factory is on 101 heading to Newport. Depoe Bay is kind of fun watching the boats navigate the inlet. Newport is a fun place with many tourist attractions. The women in our family really enjoy going to the factory outlet mall in Lincoln City. I usually end up at the Chinnok Winds Casino for crab and a beer. Fantoms at the Spanish Head in Lincoln City is a nice place to grab something to eat with a very nice view. Nana's Irish Pub in Newport is a good place to go for live music if you like the Irish type guy with a guitar.

    What do you like to do ?


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    I think you nailed it Bill, I love to sightsee , eat good food, those clams sound delicious. I remember when I was little my mom & I would go to Howard Johnson's ( of all places ) and eat clam rolls. Do they have them there ?? And how much should I expect to pay for a Dungeness crab dinner?? I heard the food was good at Embarcadero?? I'm looking forward to eating all the fresh seafood I can get !! shaggy

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    Sounds like you have a great trip planned!
    Stay healthy and don't have any mishaps!

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    While you are heading to Newport from Seaside there is a fishing campground called Kelly's Brighton Marina near Rockaway Beach. The Crabman has fresh crab and clams for sale. Kelly also owns the Jetty Fishery Marina a few miles south of the Brighton Marina. I usually go to Jetty Fishery for crab when Im in Rockaway. They cook it right in front of you. Its not really a restaurant but some picnic tables outside. The aroma is very seafoody.

    In Newport you can get fresh seafood at the Local Ocean Market and fresh oysters if you travel up Yaquina BayRoad about 5 - 6 miles from the Embarcadero.

    One thing that is fascinating to most of my group are the tide pools at low tide. Just north of Newport is Yaquina Head State Park with Coble Beach and Quary Cove which both have fantastic tide pools. Canon Beach near Seaside has Haystack Rock and the tide pools between the beach and rocks are usually covered with star fish. Its pretty colorful in these tide pools. I usually wear flip flops and short pants so I can get my ankles wet.

    Heading north of Newport is some of the most scenic coastlines in Oregon, imo. About 5 hours north of Newport is the Redwood Forest. This is really cool if you like big trees. There are just so many places to see. Newport seems to be in the middle.

    We head to the Oregon Coast every year since I was a kid. My wifes family has a beach house that we all meet at in August. This year we are taking our Jeeps and will head to the dunes in Sand Lake and maybe Florence.



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    What do you know about the "glass beach " that's near CA I'd kind of like to go to Gold Beach for the jet boats. Who knows what I'll end up doing !! What is the chance of finding Agates at Agates Beach??

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    The mouth of the Rouge River at Gold Beach has always been a great place to catch salmon. I haven't been there for about 12 years because of all of the special regs regarding fishing for salmon in the area.

    The agates at Agate Beach are kind of small. Depoe Bay area by Whale Cove and the Devils Punch Bowl has better agate finds. Next to the Devils Punch Bowl, which is pretty cool, imo, is Beverly Beach. The North end of the beach is the polished rock area.

    If you are heading that far south you should head to the Redwoods.

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    You are ready!!

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    Keep us posted, going to Oregon in August!

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    Have a great trip, hope you have excellent weather!

    And that's a good tip about the Quality Inn in Charlotte, I'll have to remember that.


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