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Thread: New car shopping...argh...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLB View Post
    2000 GMC Yukon, bought as a recovered theft with 10,000 miles on it 225,000 miles
    2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, & 2006 Scion Xa, both 100,000-plus

    Bought the Eclipse from a college kid and bought the Scion from a Russian son of the Russian father who bought it new, to settle the father's estate.
    Aha ! I knew you had commercial dealings with Russia.

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    Lock him up !

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackio View Post
    What kind of car do you have with 225K miles?
    DH drives a RAV 4 for work and it has 300K miles on it. (it's not ours, it belongs to the hospital)

    I edited the typo, thank you.
    My husband has a 2004 RAV 4 with well over 200,000 miles. It needs some work and we are putting like $2000 into it right now to try to keep it going- tires, suspension, check engine light needs to be fixed, etc). My husband uses it to commute to work (100 miles round trip) and we are hoping for it to last until he retires in 3 years. No sense of buying a new car only to beat it into the ground with commuting at this point in life. We also live in a rural area so anywhere we go takes a lot of driving. Hope it lasts.

    Our son also has a 2004 RAV 4 - also with over 200,000 miles on it. He commutes to work about 60 miles round trip and also lives in a rural area- so again- everything involves a lot of driving. The past few years he has had some repairs as it broke down a few times on the highway. Most recently his muffler fell off where they welded it the last time, so he has made his way to a Suburu dealership this week and is ordering a 2017 Imprezza Sport with specific things he wants and in a color he wants.He is 29 and didn't want an SUV anymore- but needed all wheel drive as it snows a lot where he lives. Will take 8- 12 weeks, so he will still be driving the RAV until then.

    Those RAVS are good cars!

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